ADCH-Gold MACH5 Top Gun Time For Me To Fly,
LAA Gold, TM Platinum, GCH Platinum, SCH Gold, JCH Platinum, SACH Platinum, RCH Gold - "Jet"
owned by Diane Sanders, Woodstock, Illinois

Penn Hip - 70 percentile (.23/.41)
OFA - Good

Jet earned ADCH at 2.5 years old after 5 shows in Masters & MACH at 3 years old


May 2005



December 2004 ...


Jet Watch


Jet Heel

"Jet is a great little dog with a ton of attitude, he exudes confidence.   We call him the old soul because he learns things so quickly, like how to heel perfectly and do a front and finish at 3 months old.  If I show him something once and he never forgets it.  He is very outgoing, loves all people and is very appropriate with other dogs.  He is my constant shadow and won't let me out of his site, he does not want to miss any fun that may happen!  Jet is a coach potato in the house or in the car but turns on in an instant when you want to train him to do something and he is crazy about tugging and very food motivated.   He is extremely biddable but not as soft as his quarter brother Streak who I also own (Winger X Sprint).  He is more of a thinker though, he wants to do things exactly right after he learns them and isn't pushy.   He loves doing obedience training and doesn't mind repeating something many times.  He has started basic agility work and LOVES it.   My plans are to show Jet in AKC Obedience and USDAA and AKC Agility.  I have had him on sheep one time and he showed alot of instinct, I wish I had time for another sport!" -- Diane Sanders

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