Top Gun Kit

OFA Hips Good
Elbows Normal
Penn Hip scored
CERF clear
BAER Normal


ADCH, NATCH Lukan's Don't Stop Me Now
(Megan X Winger)

Target is Full Brother to Linda Mecklenburg's Awesome

OFA Hips Good
CERF clear
BAER Normal

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For more information on pedigree, health clearances or other questions please contact, Diane Sanders

Kit and Target Produced Four Wonderful Working Litters
and one Marriage.... click here to see photos of the Top Gun Wedding


Top Gun One - "Maverick" - owned by Dudley & Greg Fontaine, Fletcher, NC

Top Gun's Highest Awareness "Zen" - owned by Gina Hofner, Houston, TX

Top Gun Time For Me to Fly - "Jet" - owned by Diane Sanders, Woodstock, IL

Top Gun Aerodynamic - "Aero" - owned by Steve Langhoff, Milwaukee, WI

Top Gun Say Your Preyers - "Raptor" - owned by Gerry Brown, Manor, TX

Top Gun Fantasy Fix - "Remedy" - owned by Loretta Vojtech, Bristol, WI

Top Gun Ready to Strike - "Viper" - owned by Tim Mitchell, Marysville, OH

August 9, 2004
5 boys - 2 girls

All pups went to
Working/Agility Homes



Top Gun Screaming Eagle - "Eagle" - owned by Sue Meier, Kenosha, WI

Top Gun Felix Felicius - "Potion" - owned by Mary Oppermann, North Carolina

Top Gun's One and Only - "Solo" - owned by Jenn Siegel, Woodstock, IL

Top Gun Ready Aim Fire - "Rifle" - owned by Debbie Kates, IL

Top Gun's Gotta Have Another - "More" - owned by Deb Guzman, WI

Top Gun Supersonic - "Yeager" - owned by Tom Henning, WI

Top Gun Stungunned My Heart - "Stunner" - owned by Chris Bach, WI

Top Gun Catch Me if You Can - "Nike" - owned by AnnMarie Lyons, Lubbock, TX

Top Gun's Sage Hill Bombs Away - "Tracer" - owned by Melissa Fryre, Lucketts, VA

August 2, 2005
6 boys - 3 girls

All pups went to
Working/Agility Homes



Top Gun Secret Keeper - "Keeper" - owned by Beth Diehl, IL

Top Gun Start Your Engines - "Spark" - owned by Darlene Langhoff, WI

Top Gun Shock Therapy - "Taser" - owned by Anne Riba, IL

Top Gun No Limits - "Visa" - owned by Tim Vojtech, WI

May 16, 2007
2 boys - 2 girls

All pups went to
Working/Agility Homes


Top Gun Building Up Steam - "Pressure" - owned by Jim Bahr, IL

Top Gun Covert Operation - "Gunner" - owned by Pam Kristoff, IL

Top Gun Pantz on Fire - "Liar" - owned by Jenn Siegel, IL

January 9, 2008
3 boys

All pups went to
Working/Agility Home

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