OTCH Top Gun UDX3 OM6 - "Stunner"
owned by Chris Bach, Wisconsin

OFA - Excellent

Stunner is a learning machine and loves to perform. I hope to have him in obedience in Fall '07, but more realistically it won't be until next Spring....not that he's not ready, just that I am so busy because I have started doing seminars and conference presentations again.

Stunnie was my demo dog for a presentation in Cleveland that was taped......so he is a "movie" star now! He also was just FANTASTIC as my demo dog for my seminar in Michigan . Everybody loved him.....and he loved everybody, too! He is winning friends where ever we go!

He is the most wonderful, wonderful dog that anyone could every want! He is my constant shadow, my best buddy and my precious seminar partner. I also think he will be my best ever competition partner, too!

Chris' training website

Stunner at 10 weeks old


Stunner & Yaeger
Stunner (Foreground) littermate brother, Yeager (Background)

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