ADCH MACH Top Gun Say Your Preyers LAA-Bronze, GCH Gold,
RCH Silver, GCH Silver, TM Platinum
, XF - "Raptor"
owned by Gerry Brown, Manor, Texas

Penn Hip 80 Percentile - Left .38 Right .35


Winter 2005



Raptor is an extremely loving Border Collie. You might even think he isn't really a working dog since he spends most of his day wanting to get in your lap. But be careful because he doesn't want in your lap because he is tired. If you don't let him in your lap, he will be off chasing the other dogs, looking for a toy to play with or off exploring the house again which he has already explored a thousand times. Rap is rather pushy when it comes to what he wants. If he wants to play with the other dogs he has no qualms about getting in their face and trying to get them to play. If someone snaggles at him, Raptor figures"no worries, they will want to play after I keep pushing them for a few more minutes". But when it comes to training Rap is very willing to work with me and seems to truly want to please me. He learned sit and down in a matter of a few minutes and is really good about laying down in the office when asked to. Sure he doesn't stay there long, after all, he is a Border Collie puppy. But he is always responsive to me when I ask him for something. I think the biggest challenge with Raptor though is that even though he is very pushy, he is also very soft. I really like this in a dog because I like to teach with rewards. I think this will fit Raptor very well. If you correct Raptor, which I have had to do occasionally, it really subdues him. But when I teach with rewarding correct behaviors, Raptor seems to enjoy work as much as anything he does during the day. Raptor very quickly starting fitting into a house with six previous dogs and I am very much looking forward to many enjoyable years of living with and playing with him.


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