ADCH-Gold Top Gun Screaming Eagle
LAA Silver, SACH Gold, GCH Gold, JCH Gold, RCH Gold, SCH Gold,
TM Gold, MX, MXJ, OF - "Eagle"
owned by Sue Meier, Kenosha, Wisconsin

Penn Hip - .30 and .38 (80th percentile)
OFA - Good



Eagle packs joy into every breath that he takes.  He is working in agility and obedience and catches on to everything I show him very quickly.   He approaches every lesson with drive and joy.  Whether it is a front cross or a retrieve he thinks it is the greatest thing that ever happened to him.   There is only one other dog I have known that has thought a Stand For Exam was the highlight of his day...his grandpa.  He generally wants to do the "right thing" but every now and then his grandpa takes a hold of his soul, he lifts his head and dives into a tunnel 50-60  yards away.  One can only watch, shake ones head and say  hhhmmmm.  Eagle has been a blast to train and I am so grateful that he has been brought into my life.


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