ADCH-Bronze MACH Top Guns Building Up Steam
TM-Silver, GCH-Silver, SCH-Bronze, SACH-Bronze, RCH-Bronze, JM, FX "Pressure"
owned by Jim Bahr, Illinois

Penn Hip - 80 percentile (.37/.29)

Late Winter 2011
Pressure was bred to Envy the breeding produced 3 beautiful puppies, to see the pups click here


Pressure is a once in a lifetime dog, he is not only physically gifted with great structure and a ground eating stride but he is extremely biddable, soft enough to have a conscience but with bounce back and a great off switch in the house.  Pressure gets along with other dogs and is social with people and will work for anyone who has a tug toy in their hand. He jumps 26" with ease and tries very hard to be right when running an agility course. Pressure has run AKC standard courses in 32 seconds and Jumpers he is frequently in the 21's without looking frantic or like he is working very hard. He won 26" JWW at AKC nationals in 2011 and has won several USDAA regional classes including the Grand Prix Finals and Steeplechase Round 1 in Perry, GA amongst very competitive 26" jumping dogs.

He is a wonderful agility partner but mostly he is a great friend and companion
and family member to me and Frank, my next puppy will be from him.

Agility Videos - click on the links below

2010 AKC Nationals Rounds One JWWs - First Place

2011 USDAA SE Regional Grand Prx Round 2 - First Place

2011 USDAA SE Regional Steeplechase - Round One - First Place

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