ADCH-Gold Top Gun Supersonic GCH Gold , SACH Gold, SCH Gold, RCH Gold, TM Gold, OA, OAJ - "Yeager"
owned by Tom Henning, Wisconsin

PennHip 80th percentile (.37/.37)


"Yeager is truly an amazing agility teammate.  Running with him is such a rush - it's an edge of the cliff, hanging on by our toenails thing that is always a blast.  He's brought out the best in me as a handler.  And of course, he was my connection to Deb...that's kinda a special thing too!   Yeager runs "loud" and lives large...we love the Yogurt very much!!

The Top Gun Deb Connection results into the Top Gun Wedding Click to see the photos


Quantum USDAA Trial, Mooresville, IN -- April 2007


Small, Medium, Large
Right to Left - Yeager, Daisy & Denali

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